Flavoured by Nature

At ODE we have taken the time to curate a selection of quenchers from suppliers whose values align with our own. Those who care about & respect our environment, our communities & are actively engaged in cultivating & preserving their long term wellbeing.  

We are working towards a 100% Organic & Biodynamic wine list.

We're constantly updating our selection to ensure we uphold our values, support local producers & get to explore the vast array of delicious, interesting & ethical wine offerings we have right here on our door step.


We are stoked Liss held her ground & forked out for the Coravin system, enabling us to offer all of our still wine by the glass.

The Coravin system allows us to access any wine without breaking the seal. This prevents the wine from oxidising, leaving the remaining wine in pristine condition for future enjoyment. Basically, it's magic.

This is a fantastic opportunity for both our guests & our crew to explore different varieties & styles, try interesting & rare wines, & get creative with our food pairings. We  encourage you to branch out with your selection & welcome any and all questions you may have regarding the wines we have on offer.

Steve Gurney once said to me (& the rest of the crowd) "Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone" which obviously is just a more poetic way of saying "try something other than the sav"

33 Ardmore Street, Post Office Lane, Wanaka

PH: 03 443 6394              eat@odewanaka.com