The Indoor Kumara Hangi - A taste of Aotearoa

You might be surprised to see kumara on the menu at ODE. While not a local ingredient, it is a melt in your mouth taste of New Zealand. Featuring on ODE’s 13 course menu, the Kumara Hangi is Chef Lucas Parkinson’s ODE to New Zealand and a salute to our founding culture.

Sourced from the mighty Dargiville and teamed with the dense Wanaka alpine soil, Lucas recreates a Hangi in his kitchen oven. The Hangi cooks all day then is left to rest in its own dirt, its natural state. It is then brought to your table to be unearthed alongside the story of what this dish means to Lucas.

Teamed with local Hawea carrot puree, purple organic Maori potatoes and an Almond snow – your served a melt in your mouth textural sensation.

The almond snow in itself in an experiences. Almonds cooked in organic sunflower oil create an almond flavored snow, which is then mixed with Malto, which turns the snow into a powder like fluff, which when it lands on your tongue, turns back into an almond oil sensation.

The dish is humble yet spectacular. Teaming traditional cooking methods with world class techniques and innovations, it leaves you nothing short of mind blown. Experience New Zealand history and a true connection with the food on your plate.  Sure, it is kumara, carrot and chips – but actually so much more.

33 Ardmore Street, Post Office Lane, Wanaka

PH: 03 443 6394