Balancing all five senses on your plate

At Ode we offer set dining menu's using local organic produce and aim to source as much as we can from within the region and 99% within the south island.

*24 hours notice must be given for dietary requirements and serious flavour dislikes to ensure an apex dining experience.


3 course/trust the chef/$55

Our 3 course 'trust the chef' menu offers an entree, main and dessert usually inspired from our 8 course menu. Please call ahead with any dietary requirements or serious dislikes. 

*Please allow 1-2 hours for the 3 course menu


8 course/late WINTER 2018/$89


Our 8 course flaghship menu showcases the best of what our surroundings have to offer and changes on a regular basis.

*allow approximately 3 hours for our 8 course menu

MENU #58



ice cream churned 3 minutes ago


oamaru cauliflower/ scampi stock/ toasted coriander/ cumin


paul's beets/ goat cheese/ canterbury pearl barley/ station park walnut/balsamic


waimaunga wild salmon/ paul's pickled yacon/ tamari mayo/ frankton heat/ gohan/ seaweed crackling



grass fed west coast organic sirloin/ 21 hour rib/ ettrick pumpkin/ foraged greens/ marlborough black garlic/ rome/ surprise mash


aged nelson persimonn sorbet/ fermented cherry gel/ angel rocks/ sweet almond snow


nelson manadrin curd/ confit segments/ wanaka feijoa ice cream/ meyer lemon gel/ edible concrete shards


vegan menu`s

Preparing vegan menu`s pushes our team quite far out of their way to provide a worthy vegan dining experience. Believe it or not, in the deep south your species are few and far between, so this means as a vegan diner you will get a one off menu curated specifically for you.

Cooking vegan food is not what we specialise in, but some of your type seem to LOVE what we do here, not because we take pride in feeding vegans per se, but simply because we take pride in our food and relish the challenge of creating food that tastes and looks good despite the limitations our alpine climatic conditions pose on a locally sourced organic vegan diet. 

Either way, it costs us more to prepare than the norm, hence the price increase for our vegan menu`s.

3 course vegan menu - $75

8 course vegan menu - $125

*Please allow 1-2 hours for the 3 course menu and 2-3 hours for the 8 course menu

*24 hours notice must be given for vegan menu`s and must be confirmed by email via



33 Ardmore Street, Post Office Lane, Wanaka

PH: 03 443 6394