The Wanaka restaurant that is changing the way we think about food.

“Plants grow by the energy of nature, the universe, the earth and the sun. It is man’s greed that wants the plants to grow, faster, larger and prettier and they resort to chemical substances. Let them grow as they want.” - Jeong Kwan, Buddhist Monk and world renowned chef.

In it’s fourth month of service since opening in July, ODE has already imprinted it’s philosophy on locals.

Maybe it’s Head Chef Lucas Parkinson’s humble yet Yoda like personality. Or is it the fact that over 70% of ODE’s produce is sourced and foraged from within 100kms of Wanaka? Most likely it is the simple fact that the food is quite frankly mind blowing.

Local produce – fantastic. A Chef with personality – well that’s nice. Delicious food – well that all sounds perfect. What really makes ODE different?

Chef Lucas and his partner Larissa have a passion. A passion lead by purpose. This purpose is to showcase the impact of our choices. Eating organic, ethically seasonally sourced produce has a far reaching positive impact on the health of our people and our planet. “We care about and respect our environment and our communities, and are conscious of the impact our choices have on them and their long term wellbeing. “ – says Larissa. “ODE is our platform for education and change”.

It is the mindset of sharing that is really what you are eating. Sharing our local land’s seasonal bounty and our local suppliers hard work and dedication.

ODE shares with us innovative and progressive dishes that like nature are ever evolving. No menu week to week is the same. But let’s be clear, it is not ego food. Creativity and ego cannot go together. It is an expression of gratitude. Gratitude for mother nature and all that she enables.

ODE is here and are stoked to share it with you.

Lucas Parkinson