Sensei – Our Master

We believe that in our roles as Chef’s, visionary’s and educators in the conscious dining movement, that it is our duty to reduce wastage in our kitchen. 

We are proud to say that every bone, every off cut, every peel is either used or discarded in sustainable fashion. We even have a pig bucket that we trade with a local farmer for eggs, thus reincarnating the barter system, the old method of exchange.

And from this, Sensei was born. Today he is over 80 days old, almost 90 . He is our master stock, a broth that rolls over from day to day. A stock that is our base for every thing. Used across many of our dishes, he is part of our fabric. Part of what makes us unique.

Originally only used in dishes, it was not until recently we decided to present him in his own right. Sensei features on our 8 and 13 course in his full form. Every week he tastes different depending on what foods we are working with, on what season we are in, and what the weather was like last week. He is an ever evolving life force more nutrient dense that anything else in our kitchen. 

We look after him. If he gets too much meat he becomes cloudy and needs to go on a detox. So we feed him more vegetables. He is balanced yet ever evolving.

He is wise. He knows a lot. He tastes good.

Lucas Parkinson