Purple Rain – A salute to our local producers

When incredible organic producers, and some of the best alpine lamb in the world surround you, there was never any question about developing a dish that showcases it all.

Our signature main is our most complicated dish with over 8 different components that jive and dance harmoniously like a number one Prince hit. Each component has it’s own role and has taken it’s own unique journey to reach the plate.

We take the sustainably farmed local Cardrona lamb and prepare it in two ways. First, the finest cut of rump is slow cooked for 3 hours at 56 degrees, rendered and caramelized. We then used lamb rib,sous-vide overnight then (pan fried) to create that satisfying melt in your mouth fatty crunch. We pair this with Paul’s famous organic Hawea potatoes, simply fluffed in their own juices with butter and white pepper. 

But it does not finish there. If the plate is the canvas then our purple kumara puree is our paint. The finest, smoothest, dairy free purple kumara puree is splattered across the dish giving our lamb creation its name – Purple Rain.

Presented with a collection of seasonal local vegetables that change every week, and polished to perfection with a vinegar gel for that perfect hit of acidity.

Our main is humble and hearty. It is beautiful. It is a showcase to our most local producers.

Simple in ingredients, complex in preparation, and a dish that has everything.

Lucas Parkinson