Ode Food Philosophy


Food keeps us alive, but good food makes us feel alive. In our kitchen “good food” means food that excites all the senses & food that is delicious.

We believe that good food starts with respecting the integrity of the ingredients - Ingredients that have been produced with attention, consideration & purity.

For us, “good food” means sourcing organic, ethical, sustainable, seasonal ingredients & supporting local’s who are doing good things.

Our food is innovative & progressive and like nature, ever evolving.

Ode is a place for you to experience your environment through food. Food is our art form and each plate is an ode - to the earth, to family, to the present, the future & all that has lead us to this point. Ode is here to be enjoyed together in a place we are stoked to share with you.

Passion led by Purpose.

Ode was created as a space for us to connect with and live our truths, to collaborate, to grow and generate change.

We care about and respect our environment and our communities and are conscious of the impact our choices have on them and their long term wellbeing.  

Ode - it’s good.

Lucas Parkinson