Dine By Donation co-lab week

Our inaugural dine by donation co-lab with Michael Meredith was a huge success so we decided to take it a few steps further, 5 world class chefs from the south island, 5 nights, 1 week, 4-8th June.

What for? Garden to table is what, a movement that places student run vegetable gardens in NZ primary schools, teaching kids how to grow, harvest, cook, preserve and enjoy their produce.

Why? Over 250,000 kiwi kids live below the poverty line many of whom go to school with no lunch nearly every day, we believe that the garden to table movement is helping spur the cultural shift so needed in New Zealand to help curb food poverty and handing the power back to our tamariki.

One co-lab between Ode and Matakauri Lodge is being dedicated to the `everybody eats' movement, we think its rad, if you have not checked it out then please do.

We are releasing one co-lab each day this week, so far Ode X Bracken on the 4th June and Ode x Gatherings on the 5th has been released, stay tuned.



Lucas Parkinson